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Tuco’s gun(s)

Tuco is one of my favorite characters in TGTBATU. His very questionable morality combines so many facets that we never tire of his character brilliantly interpreted by Eli Wallach. “Every gun makes its own tune” says Blondie in the movie. Tuco certainly has his own philosophy and expertise in the gun area, as he prefersContinue reading “Tuco’s gun(s)”

My black powder Navy 1851

I purchased my first gun inspired by Blondie. It’s the Colt Navy 1851 replica by Pietta with silver rattlesnake inlays. It’s beautiful and I love shooting it at the range. It’s quite heavy and takes a long time to load, but it’s a good start and strangely I really enjoy disassembling, cleaning and reassembling itContinue reading “My black powder Navy 1851”

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