First trip to Almeria

In 2017 I went to Almeria, Spain and thanks to I was able to track some of the famous scenes and get af feeling of what it must have been to shoot in these parts.

The desert near Tabernas is absolutely beautiful. I don’t want to sound negative but it’s probably less beautiful than it used to be 50 years ago. The A92 highway although convenient for the modern ride, is a disgrace and damages the landscape. That being said more remote places are totally available and the magic is still there.

The former town studio now called Oasys Mini Hollywood is a must see with some of the famous buildings still there, such as the bank of El Paso or the Saloon in FFDM. A lot has changed, they even added a zoo – which didn’t look so good, but overall it was amazing.

All around many filming locations are more fun to find, as they are more difficult to find and it really was like a treasure hunt!

5 for you, 5 for me – have fun finding this one!
An amazing perspective
11, 12, 13…
Same spot in FAFDM and TGTBATU

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